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Boost Your Business: Essential Resources for San Antonio Entrepreneurs

Are you a small business owner in San Antonio looking to thrive? The city is bustling with resources designed to empower entrepreneurs like you! Here’s a curated list of invaluable resources that can help you grow your business, learn new skills, and connect with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

1. Small Business Development Center (SBDC):

Located at the University of Texas at San Antonio, SBDC offers free counseling, workshops, and training to help small businesses develop and grow.

2. San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF):

SAEDF assists businesses in relocation, expansion, and workforce development, providing valuable support and resources for growth.

3. Launch SA:

Launch SA is entrepreneurship hub offering mentorship, co-working spaces, workshops, and networking events to foster startup success.

4. SCORE San Antonio:

A chapter of the nationwide SCORE program, providing free mentorship and workshops from experienced business professionals.

5. LiftFund:

LiftFund provides small business loans, resources, and financial coaching to help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve success.

6. Bexar County Small Business & Entrepreneurship Department (SPED):

SPED offers resources, events, and guidance for small business owners, including access to permits, certifications, and contracting opportunities.

7. San Antonio Chamber of Commerce:

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce connects business professionals with other business professionals, gain access to networking opportunities, and stay updated on business-related news and events.

8. PeopleFund:

PeopleFund provide access to capital and technical assistance to underserved entrepreneurs.

9. Local Libraries & Community Centers:

Check out your local libraries and community centers for workshops, seminars, and resources geared toward small business owners.

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